Famous Toastery

We decided to check out downtown Greenville before Hurricane Florence rolled in and (possibly) took out the power. After walking up and down Main Street, we settled on Famous Toastery since Chris wasn’t feeling crepes at the time.

Famous Toastery is located on the right side of Nose Dive inside a large office building. On the weekend, you enter through a side door and go through a large marble covered lobby. Note to self: The owner of the lobby doesn’t like pictures taken of the area. Weird but whatever!

Once you actually get to the restaurant, you are greeted by friendly staff. They operate on a “everyone is your server” model which is nice. The colors remind me of Another Broken Egg’s vibe but a little less country.

Apparently, Famous Toastery is a breakfast/lunch franchise that is expanding rapidly due to their dedication to fresh and organic ingredients. Plus, they have avocado Benedict and house made hash. I wasn’t bold enough to try the hash. My standards are high and I didn’t want to be disappointed.

We ordered the Western omelette, strawberry and cream cheese stuffed French toast, country ham and a side of cheese grits. I had sweet tea as usual and Chris had coffee.

The sweet tea was perfection. Both cups were good. (Sometimes that second cup isn’t quite as good as the first but this one was equally as good as the first.)

The omelette was decent (not as big as Another Broken Egg). It needed a little more salt on the outside layer. My French toast was sweet but we both agreed it was missing something. Maybe it wasn’t eggy enough or have enough char on it. It was good but…The grits had the perfect consistency. I always expect to add salt and pepper when I order them so I don’t knock them for that.

The country ham was surprisingly tasty. I don’t feel like it is an item that most places have on the menu. Their meat was perfectly salty and the portion size was good.

They give you your bill when the food is delivered to the table so you can pay at the counter whenever you are ready to leave which I like because I have things to do and places to go.


One of few places open downtown for breakfast on Saturday mornings

Very clean

All servers can help you

Good meal

Perfect sweet tea

Unique menu items


I need to try more items to find a standout item.

Takeway: I would like to try some other items now that I know what they are about.