Eating Our Way Through Greenville: SBH BBQ Co.

IThis is our current favorite barbecue spot in the Greenville area. It’s best to call ahead to see if they have run out of meat (especially ribs) but the food is the best we have had locally.

Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Gather GVL

I have been looking forward to the opening of Gather GVL, an outdoor food court area comprised of restaurants housed in brightly colored, retired, metal shipping containers, located on the edge of downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

Husk: Greenville

The Story When the place has a single word as the name, you know the experience is going to be interesting and expensive. We’d passed Husk many times in our walks downtown #yeahTHATgreenville but knew we needed to make reservations. One Friday, we called in route and had no trouble getting reservations. We went right…

Green Tops

The Story A Facebook friend recommended Green Tops as a new spot to try. They raved about the freshness of the food and I added it to our list. One Thursday we decided to give it a try. Green Tops is located where the old Bikas Drive-In was formerly located for many years.  The Service…

Universal Joint

The Story Chris and I have wanted to try Universal Joint for a while. I’d heard really good things about their burgers from several friends. We went on a weekday evening and it was fairly empty. The main problem with the restaurant is the lack of parking in the back. We had tried to go…

Kitchen Sync

The Story The husband and I are always forcing ourselves to go to new restaurants that we haven’t tried yet. Sometimes it turns out well but sometimes they are a dud. One Friday as we were racking our brains about where to try next, we landed on a restaurant that we had passed many times…

Molly and Myles Ice Cream

Molly and Myles definitely caters to a younger demographic with its Avengers covered walls, bright primary colors, nontraditional decor (toilet seats with emerging characters, fidget spinners, Pez dispensers, etc.), and abundance of toys and board games.

Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Kustom Krust (Greer, SC)

There are a lot of new eateries in Greer especially near the new Lowes Foods store. One Friday night, we decided to check out Kustom  Krust. We were not disappointed! Usually our favorite pizza places (in no particular order) are Tito‘s, Toss Pizza Pub and Sidewall. Kustom Krust has a different set up-there is a…

Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Top 3 Cold Treat Spots

A Sunday night snack was a longstanding childhood tradition. After church, we’d pile into our wood paneled Dodge Caravan (didn’t everyone have one of those at some point?) and head to McDonald’s for gigantic vanilla cones and salty fries. Traditions die hard so now Chris and I find ourselves looking forward to an after church treat each week. Our current favorite spots are below.