Another Broken Egg Cafe

Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Another Broken Egg Cafe

We almost went to the one in Pensacola, Florida but never got around to it. This weekend, we finally made it to the relatively new location in Greenville. Chris had the cinnamon roll French toast with a side of eggs and bacon. It was almost as good as the cinnamon rolls at Ann Sathers in Chicago. I had the Bacqueso (bacon, cream cheese, green onions) omelette and a side of grits with an English muffin.

It’s a preference thing but I think I should have gotten the Southwest omelette instead. The Baqueso was too one note and the bacon pieces were like bacon bits instead of chunks of bacon.

The cheese grits weren’t of the cheddar variety but tasted great. The diced tomato, bacon, green onion garnish was a nice complement.

The potatoes were filling and not greasy at all which was impressive since most hash browns need a paper towel.  

The coffee bar is a nice touch.

Excellent sweet tea (yes, I drink it for breakfast)
Good service
Flat screens on HGTV
Baked bacon (Chris was impressed)


This spot is a solid choice for a good breakfast.

Vibe: Colorful, open, sunny breakfast nook