Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Asada

We can walk to this eatery so we decided to do that on a Friday night. It has weird hours during the week (11-4) but it stays open later on Friday and Saturday nights.

Their main focus is mission style food-tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. The overall decor is bright white walls trimmed by dark wood with colorful paintings by Roberto Cortez. The paintings are for sale. Their isn’t a ton of seating (like 8 or 9 tables) inside and a few tables outside.

I love the Korean inspired Chicken Karaga taco!

You order at a window and receive a number. Once they call your number, you pick the food up from the counter. There are no waiters and no tips. 👍

Close to home/work
Fast service
Tasty pico de gallo
Fresh chips
Flavorful entrees
Meal for 2 under $25

Random open hours
No refills (cans/bottles)

It tends to be somewhat warm inside so I usually get my food to go. We will definitely be frequenting this spot. Great food and good variety!