Moe’s Original Bar B Que

Chris and I were alerted to the opening of a new BBQ joint in Greenville. Since it was only a couple of minutes from the house, we decided to check it out while my parents were in town. That way we could try multiple menu items at one time.

It is located a few businesses past the Main & Stone apartments at the entrance to downtown. There is outside dining available in the front.

This is a BBQ chain founded by a group of friends from the University of Alabama.


We chose to eat inside because we like A/C. Upon entering, we couldn’t tell where to check in but a friendly employee quickly explained that you ordered and paid at the counter. They do bring the food over and check on you but there are no waiters.


We had the following…

Chris-Ribs Platter with Mac & Cheese and Potato Salad


Courtney-Redneck Nachos with Pork


Mom-Pulled Pork Sandwich Plate with Fried Green Tomatoes and Buddha (sp) Balls


Dad-Ribs Plate with Marinated Slaw and a Bag of Chips



Industrial farm-house vibe (cleaner than most down home BBQ spots)

Giant flat screens with sports

Quick service

No waiter = no tip

Excellent cornbread

Moist pulled pork (I find it can be dry at some places.)

Buddha Balls (Unique and tasty)

Good BBQ sauce


Sweet tea was lacking in flavor (I’d rather drink soda.)

Redneck nachos were on kettle cooked potato chips (an interesting concept but some may think they were too salty-the topping was good but there could have been more queso) *Willy Taco’s loaded nacho app is perfection.

Tiny banana pudding side (VERY good banana pudding but had no bananas in it-would order that by itself and add them)

My Dad prefers Henry’s and I am inclined to agree. I would go again to get a pulled pork sandwich. It was a cool spin on a modern BBQ concept. This is a spot for the cool crowd who likes the idea of BBQ but if you are a fan of Henry’s or Bucky’s you might feel cheated by the portion sizes here. It’s not as loud or crowded as Willy Taco so that’s a plus.

*My parents thought some things were a bit peppery but it was fine for me.