Biscuit Head

Chris and I liked Biscuit Love in Nashville and wanted to check out this new spot in downtown Greenville. Since Hope and Andrew were in town, we decided to check it out even though Chris works this weekend.

Cons: Super long lines (out the door, down the sidewalk), food comes out somewhat slowly, fresh squeezed juices and homemade chocolate milk are a little pricey but worth it, fried chicken was tasty but little crunchy-just a personal preference though

Pros: Everything else.
*Gravy Menu Options
*Jam and Butter Bar (sweet potato jam)
*Bacon of the Day (chocolate cherry bacon, anyone?)
*Fluffy Biscuits
*Unique Flavors

Cons: Long lines on Saturday mornings.

The decor was eclectic and colorful. There were so many sauces, gravies, jams, and jellies to choose from on the menu. The biscuit French toast was a good and not overly sweet. Everything was excellent! You will leave stuffed. Remember it closes at 2 PM.


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