Golden Brown and Delicious

Some friends mentioned GB & D to us around last Christmas, I heard that there wasn’t a huge dining room and for one reason or another we kept putting off checking it out. GVL Today mentioned all of the new spots popping up in The Village of West Greenville so we set off in that general direction this morning.

I wanted see if The Village Grind was as Instagram worthy as it looked online. By accident, we passed by GB & D and called an audible. Parking is the biggest issue in that area. Over a dozen new businesses have popped up and still very little parking is available.

We found a spot by the lash bar and walked down to the corner where GB & D is located. The reviews about a small dining area weren’t wrong but it wasn’t full on a Saturday.

The aesthetic was Anthropologie meets distressed wood meets exposed brick. Rope clad hanging plants and a fiddle leaf top off the trendy decor. Large windows let in all the natural light that an HGTV client would ever want.

You order at a counter against the far wall from the entrance. You can see the kitchen area behind the Ipad registers and clipboard menus.


The menu is somewhat limited and changes by the day/based on availability of the locally sourced meat and produce.To be honest all the buzzwords (farm to table, locally sourced, cage free, pasture fed, sustainable etc.) don’t rank high on my priority list.

Does it taste good and do I get my money’s worth? That pretty much sums up our criteria.

I went with Chicken and Waffles (fried chicken, bacon jam, waffle, sunny side up egg, etc.) and Chris tried the Pork Belly with Mac and Cheese.

The sweet tea was decent. Refills were available on a side cart by the door.

Our orders came out very quickly which was a plus because we were starving. My dish came out with perfectly cooked (unexpected) squash and zucchini. No weird aftertaste and plenty of butter = two thumbs up!

The fried chicken was very tasty. I guess I’m a literal person. To me waffles equal syrup but maybe I was supposed to ask for it? The bacon jam was good but I wanted syrup. I would bring my own Cracker Barrel mini syrup next time. I am dead serious. Chris rolled his eyes but he underestimates my commitment to a good meal.

Chris liked his pork belly. I am not a huge fan so I didn’t try it. The mac and cheese was the elbow noodle and white cheese variety. It was decent but not memorable. I keep ignoring my mother’s rule about not ordering macaroni and cheese from restaurants. Hope spring eternal.

All things considered it was a satisfying meal. The whole evolving menu thing is a bit unpredictable which I don’t like but everything was good so I might take a chance.


Instagram worthy decor

Great plating

Fast service

Food quality

Tasty dishes

Anthropologie vibe



Single stall bathroom for whole restaurant

Limited menu

Small seating area

Meals comes in single bowl which may be a problem for some who don’t want food to touch (Note: request a plate)

I would go back just to take pictures. I heard that they are expanding the dining room so that should help with the seating issues.