Maple Street Biscuit Company

Eating Our Way Though Greenville: Maple Street Biscuit Company

I had seen a few ads for this relatively new breakfast spot but didn’t plan to go there until a friend  recommended it. It’s very similar to Biscuit Love (Nashville), Biscuithead (Greenville), etc. but with more of a community vibe.

Chris had the Farmer (fried chicken with apple butter biscuit), Grace and I had the Five (fried chicken, bacon, cheese, sausage gravy), and Mel had the Five and Dime (see above with fried egg). Chris and I shared Hashups (potatoes, peppers, cheese, fried ham) and the sisters had Hashbrown Cake (hashbrowns in a cube form).


The fried chicken was on point! Apple butter and fried chicken sounds weird but it was a great combination!


When you order they ask you to answer the question of the day, they call your answer out when your food is ready. The holiday question was “what is the greatest gift that you have ever received?” Our orders were Jesus, Jehovah, and Messiah. This time, the question was which book you are going to read this summer. I said the Bible and Chris said Where the Red Fern Grows. Apparently, I’m more spiritual than he is… (joking)


The manager came by and talked to us-very personable guy!

Spacious and light filled space
Good service
Friendly staff
Unique combinations
Intentional customer contact
Great fried chicken
Handcrafted sauces and homemade biscuits

No menu on wall (in racks around restaurant-good to know for first time)
Gravy was a little thick (it is def on the peppery side but not hot)

Update: W(fried chicken, goat cheese, pepper e went back and had the Squawking Goat jelly) and the Sticky Maple (fried chicken, bacon, maple syrup). Both were excellent but I’ll go with the Sticky Maple next time! Delicious!