Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Trio

We have passed this spot in downtown many times but never dined there until this past weekend. After finally finding street parking, we discovered that there was a 45 minute wait for a table. We had already discussed our commitment to eating there so we took a chance and decided to wait.

They don’t hand out pagers/beepers but we ventured over to Anthropologie to kill time. It only took about 22 minutes which wasn’t too bad.

Our server was really nice and they had unique (unlimited) Parmesan covered garlic bread. Our dishes were very good but not necessarily life changing. I love me some Italian on the weekend. Chris has seafood pasta and I had the blackened chicken carbonara. Both were decent.

Side note-Italian with Lauren Basso and Colleen McCarthy in Philly/New Jersey ruined me for life.

Excellent service
Excellent sweet tea (perfection)
Great Parmesan covered bread
Good portion size
Good food
Ample seating
Proximity to downtown shopping (Anthropologie is across the street!)

Wait time on the weekend
Not lifechanging

We may go here again to try a calzone or a pizza.

Update: I did go back and tried the red pesto pasta. It was very bland but the portion was generous. The service and setting are great. That sweet tea, though! I’ll go back to the blackened chicken carbonara.

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