NYC Hot Dog Cart Baby Shower

When you have a cousin who lives in Manhattan and loves big city life a NYC themed baby shower only makes sense. My aunt wanted a NYC theme and after a few texts we settled on a two pronged theme-Baby in the City and a hot dog cart.

The hot dog cart theme was a little more difficult to execute than I anticipated. After I couldn’t get my husband to envision a 2-D version of my idea, I went in a different direction entirely.

Since my cousin is a proud member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority that settled the main colors of red and white. I decided to go with a tabletop centerpiece to save space on the floor.

This would be a good idea for children’s birthday party or a summer cookout.

Theme: NYC Hot Dog Cart

Colors: Red and white

Featured Items: Medium umbrella, plastic ketchup bottles, red hotdog baskets with checkered liners

Supplies: Cardboard box, Krylon spray paint, wheels, felt letters with adhesive backing, umbrella, glass container with towel for inside support, felt sheets, checkered food service liners, plastic ketchup bottles, plastic red bowls