Themed Events

When planning an event for someone else, I prefer to be given a theme so that I have a good starting point. An initial consultation is critical to insuring that the event will meet client expectations.

A color scheme is great but a theme is even better. Having a color swatch or Pantone color number helps to avoid fifty shades of red that diminish the visual impact of the event. It is easy to get overwhelmed on Etsy or Amazon. A theme provides clarity, narrows the search parameters, and keeps one from being overwhelmed while searching Pintrest. 

A theme can be interpreted literally or merely serve as an inspiration for specific elements that help to produce a cohesive look. While your guests may not be able to identify all the small touches, their subconscious mind will communicate a favorable impression because of your attention to detail.

Keys to a Cohesive Event

  1. Theme 
  2. Color Consistency 
  3. Repeating Elements (a.k.a. rule of three’s)
  4. Attention to Detail 
  5. Uniformity