Bavettes Bar and Boeuf (Chicago)

Eating Our Way Through the USA: Bavettes Bar and Boeuf (Chicago)

While we were on #montyroadtrip2016, we decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary early since Chris was scheduled to work.

Chris scoured reviews for the top steakhouses in Chicago and picked the 2nd best restaurant since the number 1 spot had small portions. We like style AND substance.

Bavettes was all one would envision an upscale restaurant in a big city to be-sparkling chandeliers, dim lighting, velvet tufted chairs, magically refolded napkins whenever you left the table, ninja waiters, and lavender hand soap.

Chris could barely hear me over the elevator music so we couldn’t people watch at an optimum level.

I picked the bone-in double pork chop with a baked potato. Chris chose a dry aged steak with a sweet potato. I would have chosen pommes frites but I didn’t want to pronounce it wrong. I love French fries. Lol


That was definitely one of the top three pork chops I’ve ever eaten. The baked potato was ginormous and the bacon crumbles were perfect which is how it should have been for $12. Think a la carte ordering like Ruth’s Chris.

Chris’s steak was melt in your mouth good. The difference between that type of steak is akin to the difference between a Chips Ahoy cookie and a homemade cookie. It’s the same thing but you can’t compare the two.

Between the valet parking and the bill, we could have paid for another night at the Sheraton Grand but it was a good experience. Happy Anniversary to us!

P. S. The lighting was too dim for good pictures.

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