Eating Our Way Through the USA: Salt Lick BBQ

Eating Our Way Through the USA: Salt Lick Barbecue (Driftwood, Texas)

Colleen asked if we wanted to drive 2 hours for barbecue in the middle of nowhere. Yes, of course! It was totally worth it!


We had everything-brisket, ribs, turkey, potato salad, coleslaw, homemade bread, peach cobbler, and pecan pie a la mode. The only thing we didn’t eat was bison.

Everything. was. so. good.

Perfect sweet tea
Cool BBQ pit
Great coleslaw (no mayo or miracle whip but excellent)
To die for pecan pie
Ribs were perfection
Pretty much everything was close to the best I ever had except the beans were only okay
Nice garden and arbor
Live music outside
Faster than expected wait time


More bathroom stalls (the place seated hundreds of people but only had 4 stalls?)
In the middle of nowhere


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