Milk + Cream (Dallas, Texas)

Eating Our Way Through the USA: Milk + Cream (Dallas, Texas)

Chris like to eat icecream-by the gallon. When we are on vacation, we stop like once a day for it. He googled a spot in Dallas and we took a break from Sonic and DQ.

Chris had two scoops-mint chocolate chip and cookie dough. I had the glazed doughnut with cookie dough icecream and rainbow sprinkles. So much sugar but great!

Doughnuts and Icecream together
Icecream doesn’t hurt sensitive teeth because of the bun (think icecream sandwich)
Minimalist design of spot
Simple ordering explained on wall
Quick service (beware: piping hot bun)

Limited seating (2 benches)


I couldn’t finish it but it was great!

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