I don’t review that chain spots but every now and then there is one that is worth highlighting. We don’t have a Pieology in Greenville but if you are ever near one I highly recommend checking them out.

On the way back from Tuscaloosa, we decided to check out a barbecue spot we googled while taking in a Alabama football game. When we pulled up to the restaurant, none of us had a good vibe.

Side note: Trust that feeling unless you have heard good things about the place from people that you know have good taste. I hate wasting money on a bad experience. 

Anyway, we got back on the road and ended up at a Pieology down the street. There was a spacious dining area inside the storefront. They have a “Welcome to Moe’s” type greeting when you walk in the door. I immediately noticed the large wall full of quotes and wise sayings some of which were biblical.

The counter ordering threw me off at first. I like clear instructions and I couldn’t tell how to order from the busy sign so I quickly went online. Basically, pick a crust type-thin, gluten-free, cauliflower, deep dish etc.-and then pick whatever you want from the bar of toppings.


The pizzas took about five minutes to cook and were huge. There was no way any of us, including the guys, were going to finish them. Work lunch. Check.

They had a nice selection of flavored lemonades that were perfectly sweetened in addition to an array of sodas.


Number of ingredients

No extra charge for toppings (freshness)

Huge portion size

Tasty lemonades

Spacious dining area

Good for a big group

Variety of sauces and seasonings




It was surprisingly tasty. I think the seasonings make the difference. Hopefully, we will get one of these soon in #yeahthatgreenville!