Pizza City New York Style

Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Pizza City New York Style

We’ve driven past this place a million times but hadn’t heard anything about it until recently from a friend. The lunch special-$4.85 for two one topping slices and a drink-seemed too good to pass up. Chris had slice of cheese and another of pepperoni. I had to be fancy and get two toppings on my slices-bacon+onion and ham+pineapple. The delivery was fast and the pizza was cheesy.


Hole in the wall
Close to work
Unbeatable price (less than $12 for two people)
Great sweet tea
Fast service

Weathered furnishings (tables/seats)
Pepperoni slice was very greasy (in pizza that can be a plus depending on the customer)

This might be my new lunch spot. Tito’s is still my favorite but this place is solid. You can’t beat the price!

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