I always appreciate a good pizza. My top five favorite pizza experiences are as follows:

  • Cheese pizza with prosciutto in Rome, Italy (How could it not be?)
  • Lou Malnati’s deep dish in Chicago, Illinois
  • Cheese pizza I had in New Jersey with a friend in 2006
  • Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Grimaldi’s pizza (NYC based-Greenville, SC location) or Toss Pizza Pub in Greenville, South Carolina

Anyway, we saw a &Pizza in Georgetown but weren’t hungry at the time. While waiting for our return flight home out of DCA, we decided to give it a try since Wow Bao was out of rice for RICE bowls.

Verdict: It was relatively fast for a pizza. The portion size was substantial and the flavor levels were up to snuff. I’d definitely eat here again.

We could have shared a pizza but Chris likes for us to have our own food. I had enough for leftovers for work the next day. Winning!