Monkey Wrench Smokehouse (Travelers Rest, SC)

It was a rainy Friday night and per usual we were taking turns shooting down each other’s restaurant choices. Lately, we have been going to spots in Greer and Travelers Rest to avoid trying to find parking in downtown Greenville.

Crawl Space Finds

When I saw the bucket of glass pieces, he told me what they were and I immediately saw the potential for inclusion on my kitchen shelf.

Rick Erwin’s EastEnd

(2017 Valentine’s Day Post) February is an insanely busy month for us so Chris ended up making reservations at Rick Erwins for 9:00 PM. It seemed like a good idea at the time but within a few minutes of being seated we both hit a wall (figuratively of course). We have since given up on…

Weekend Finds

My last favorite things post proved to be pretty popular so here’s another one. If it ain’t broke… The best part of January is spending Christmas gift cards. As my dad says it’s like I have “money burning in my pockets” until I spend them. Even he admitted that there was a lot more in…


Like most Friday nights, we get to the end of the week and want to go out to eat but struggle with where to go. Do we revert to the tried and true favorite?

Weekend Travels: Clayton + Dahlonega, Georgia

As with most of our weekend trips, this one started out with Chris asking if I wanted to go to (insert random spot). Chris likes to travel anywhere he hasn’t been yet and I like to take pictures of everything which works out well. Clayton Clayton was a charming town. It was a typical small…

Meet the Plants

I am slowly becoming a plant lady. This mostly due to my love of color and fear of commitment.