Sherwin William’s Run #432


March 2017 

Yesterday, I was genuinely shocked at what a difference hanging the drywall made to the house.

I had to look back at the before pics to remember that horrible peeling flooring and the floral wallpaper (not the Property Bro’s kind) on the kitchen walls. Removing the walls took care of the wallpaper. (Work smarter, not harder as they say.)

We are almost at the Chip-JoJo hand off point.

All the rewiring and plumbing is done. The wall is out. The beam is in. The chimney has been removed and the closet is larger.

We bought another water heater when we realized that the old one had given up the ghost last week. Cold showers? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The bathroom was completely gutted and Chris is in the process of putting it back together. The gray tile has been laid and the white subway tiles are going up. We bought the new vanity and toilet today.

Tomorrow, my awesome dad and I are going to start painting the interior. After much soul searching and consultations with office mates, we chose Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray, Tradewind, and Extra White. I am very excited about how it’s going to turn out.

The floor guy will be refinishing the hardwoods next week.

The mini chandelier has arrived and been assembled. Chris is a big fan of the sparkle.

If all goes according to plan, we should be able to move in next weekend.

P.S. Our current situation is like a chapter out of President Bush’s memoir “Decision Points”. Invade Iraq or go with the marble shower nook??? Tough calls all around! Ha! Ha!

Since the drywall is in, my Dad started painting Friday morning. I joined in for a few hours. He kept going until after 9 to get all the priming done.

This morning, we started at 8 after a McDee’s biscuit run. We took one break for a trip to Sherwin Williams. He painted all the ceilings. We got all the rooms painted the main colors.

Lazy Gray was a good choice. I’m glad we didn’t go with the darker gray. I love the Tradewind (minty green). The jury is still out on the Sleepy Hollow (blue). We may have to paint over that one but we will see once it dries.

My Dad plans on coming back Monday to finish the job. We are almost there.

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