Crisis of Paint

3-27: My Facebook cry for help was a godsend. Thanks Candie Whitman Ward and Demi Dowdy!

We hit a wall with paint colors this morning. I was through and Chris had just worked 12 hours. We decided to go for broke with Silver Strand and hope for the best.

It looks so much better than that terrible Sleepy Hollow! I’m very pleased with the outcome and our marriage is still intact so there’s that added benefit.

Dad painted all day. When he woke up, Chris started on the second half of the subway tile. After work, I painted the closet and started removing old paint on cabinets.

The flooring guy came by and did a sample stain on the floor. Jeff came by to size up the rest of the lighting and the electrical. Dimmer’s for when we entertain are a must.  Ha! Ha!


After a quick dinner at Henry’s Smokehouse (I’ll post about that later), we are back at it.

On to the next crisis….

4-4:  They started on the floors today. They got most of it sanded-the original floors and the newly added part in the kitchen area. It looks so different already! I have to look at the millions of before pictures that I took to remember how it was in the beginning.

Hopefully, tomorrow they will stain and seal everything. A few days to sit and then we are back in business! All of the additional lighting makes a huge difference as well.

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4-5: Decision of the Day-Kitchen Faucet

Which faucet should we get? May the odds be ever in my favor! 😀

P. S. Chris thinks he will win. He claims that his choice would get the most votes if they were identified by which faucet was chosen by which Montgomery. #delusional

“Like” or comment on the best option! Most votes wins!

(Spoiler Alert: Chris won. Apparently, people were not fans of the chrome look. Oh well, I got the faucet I wanted in the bathroom. You win some. You lose some.)

4-8: It’s starting to hit me that this is the last weekend in the old place. The to-do list is a mile long but we are getting there.

We’ve been slowly moving things over so we are about 80% moved at this point. A couple of boxes of kitchen necessities, the bathroom, our bed, a few rugs, and our closets are all that remain.

We have been so blessed throughout this entire process even though I struggled with the constantly evolving timeline. We almost completely gutted everything which allowed us to redo the electrical/plumbing/light fixtures/bathroom/floors/painting.

It will be nice to not live in the middle of a construction zone. Buying a fixer upper was a challenge but having a guy (Chris) who was formerly a project manager at a construction company gave me peace of mind.

Thanks to our generous friends, Chris’s coworkers and our families we have been gifted all kinds of things that we needed like a new washer/dryer, complete set of bedroom furniture, guest bed set, lawnmower, and hours of free work. The last big thing that we have to get is a new couch and a side chair for Chris. We’ll prob get a dining set that matches the new place at some point but that’s phase 2.

Back to cleaning and packing…

4-10: The floors look great! It’s really starting to get real now. It’s like a completely different house inside.

Now, we are on the clock. Today, we finally settled on a vanity light. For some reason, that took forever. It is ordered and on the way.


We picked out Whisper Gray grout for the tub which Chris is still working on as we speak.

I started cleaning off all the work dust on the appliances and furniture.

Tomorrow, Chris and Jeff should be able to get the last few recess lights and main fixture installed (my awesome mini chandelier). Then they can get the toilet/vanity/vanity top installed in the bathroom.

I need to paint all the inner doors and baseboards. Busy times but we are getting there…