Christmas Tradition: An Ornament Story

Chris and I started “talking” in the summer of 2009. At the time, we were six-time zones and 5,000 miles apart. We hadn’t seen each other since graduation from college in 2005. By September 2009, we were officially dating. (Facebook messaging can change your life.)

He offered to pick my sister and I up from the airport in Charlotte when we flew back for Christmas break in South Carolina. There was a lot of anxiety/anticipation at the time but it all worked out. He arrived with a giant bag of Skittles and a teddy bear which showed he had been paying attention during our extensive phone conversations or at the very least stalking my Facebook page. Thankfully, the “real life” reconnect wasn’t weird and he spent Christmas with my family.

Of course, they all gave him a hard time but it was (mostly) in good fun. When we exchanged presents, he gave me an engraved Things Remembered ornament. He promised that he would give me an ornament every year that we were together. I though that was pretty sweet since neither of us are the overly sentimental type.

It is funny how the ornaments tell the story of our relationship. It was great in the beginning with the surprise ornament. Then there was the year that he had back surgery and was out of work for a while and I didn’t get the usual Things Remembered deluxe ornament but he still got me one from Hobby Lobby and kept his word.

There was the year that he tried to buck the silver Things Remembered ornament trend and get me a European glass ornament which I accidentally dropped on my parent’s hardwood floors. (It really was an accident.) I felt pretty bad about that one. I still have the shards in a plastic bag. He went back to the TR ones after that incident. Last year, our local store closed down so he had to go on a search for a new type of ornament.


I can’t wait to see what he buys me each year (no pressure).


An ornament for the finished house!


A Wedgwood ornament for my Wedgwood, French blue Christmas theme! Actually, he says he didn’t have a particular reason for picking it but maybe his subconscious knew?



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