Closing Day

In mid-December 2016, we FINALLY closed on our first home. It was a surreal feeling. I imagine it’s somewhat like suddenly realizing that you have a newborn child that you are responsible for plus or minus a few responsibilities.  

Over our lunch breaks, we went downtown and signed the ginormous stack of papers. I felt bad for the group of siblings who we bought it from. The house had been in their family since the 1960’s and their father’s passing led to the decision to sell. It was very emotional for the brothers who had been close to their dad. Their sister, who was also the realtor, helped lighten the atmosphere.

We felt like official adults after we realized that we had signed our lives away. Even though we had all of our paperwork and finances in order, it was still stressful at times between inspections, contract negotiations, changes to the closing date, and individuals (who shall remain nameless) that don’t answer their emails in a timely manner. Our awesome realtor (who was conveniently named Courtney) was a lifesaver! To God be the glory! Up next-Demo Day!

Note: We went downtown closed the deal and afterwards went by the house. After a 5 minute survey of the freezing cold premises, I went back to work and Chris went back to sleep. He was still working night shift back then. He was excited to finally own our one home but that 7 AM to 7 PM shift life is no joke. It was an exciting day!


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