Evolution of the Peninsula

From the very beginning, I was convinced that the peninsula shelf in our kitchen would be a great feature spot. Someone else (my husband) thought we should demo it but eventually (mostly) came around to see the potential.

The previous owner had it completely covered with a bottle collection, knife set, spices, and cookbooks etc.


After clearing it off and painting it, I slowly began to pick items to decorate it. I went with copper spray painted succulent pots and cut glass pieces at first.

Then I moved the plants to other areas of the house and replaced them with hammered copper mules that Chris got me for my birthday.


Later, I started adding in mini vases from Hobby Lobby, a piece from an antique store, and a small plate from Anthropologie. I am sure that the shelf decor will continue to evolve because it is the easiest way to alter the look of the whole kitchen.