Facebook Marketplace Find: Dining Table Refresh

Life has gotten in the way of house reno but I was able to refinish a table the other weekend. Chris, who likes to shop online, saw a table on Facebook marketplace. He said he was going to meet up with the seller one day.

I came home for lunch and he had bought it. Apparently, we have different definitions of “go look at it”. It was actually a desk with a distressed finish. I liked it even though I’m not a Joanna Gaines type person usually. I generally don’t like things that don’t look brand new when I purchase them.


The only problem was that it was a shade or two more in the off white/yellow category. I knew that would bother me in the long run so I painted it white while painting around the distressed spots which were brown and a light blue. I then applied a layer of Glaze Couture in Zinc. I wiped it off and it turned out fairly well.


We (Chris) is going to raise it a little bit but otherwise it is done. Now to find chairs…#thismontyhouse 

He is still working on my faux fireplace/mantle. It is going to be unique and awesome!

Also, he got the table for $150 and they usually retail for $1,200 and up. They really are getting better items on FB marketplace.