Fall Finds

September 6, 2017

My nieces and nephew are in the rock collecting phase now which led me to rediscover my childhood love of rocks. I had a collection and educated myself on the types of rocks etc. We got this geode candle holder at the gemstone rock store in downtown #yeahthatgreenville



October 30, 2018

Odds and Ends

We are in that treasure hunting phase of home reno. There are a myriad of little details that pop up. We did have good success at World Market this weekend.

They have door pulls that are very similar to the ones at Anthropologie but half the price. We decided to do the peninsula shelving unit in different knobs than the rest of kitchen. We scored the exact number of copper and white knobs that we needed which was great.

IMG_8230 (1)

We painted the shed over the last week or so and are starting on other outside projects.

I stained the wooden spool and it is outside waiting for Chris Monty to buy me some potted mums.


Other than that, we found the right white curtains at HomeGoods. Chris favored linen and I favored no wrinkles so we found a good compromise grommet panel.

Amazon is amazing and our TV mount arrived super fast. We found a faux plaster light mount for the guest bedroom at Lowes. Once we paint it, Chris can install that pretty easily.


The niche in the shower needed something else to look more finished. The shower is tiled in white subway tiles and the niche is Carrara marble. The Tile Shop had marble pencil tile pieces that we ordered today.

It is all coming together little by little.