Let’s Have a Soiree

Housewarming Soiree Countdown

The party is only four days away! We made a list two weeks ago of things:priority 1, priority 2, and in progress. We are steadily moving things to the “done” column.

Our focus has primarily been on the inside this year. Last week, we had pros come in a finish installing/painting the last two doors, install a few pieces of trim, and paint the crown molding. I had done the baseboards but really didn’t want to tackle the top.

It looks much more finished with those last touches in place. I am loving the Blythe Blue (SW) on the new back door.

This weekend, we tackled quite a few projects: took trim off of the car port, Chris built a shelf to mount the microwave above the oven, took down old blinds, pressure washed the house and garage, assembled an outdoor appliance, and painted (the poles, the back railing, one wall, new trim, etc.)

I took all of my serving dishes out of storage and started planning my food layout. We received a lot of our Bed Bath and Beyond registry items which will come in handy.

I tackled a few fun projects-arranging our Christmas card display and decorating in the courtyard.


We took a break to go to Greenwood on Sunday and do our annual Christmas caroling for the sick/shut in/nursing home people. As always, they probably blessed us more than we blessed them and we sang a few hundred (slight exaggeration) songs.

Today, Chris removed the old fence and built a new one. (Kudos to Amazon for the brackets coming in record time!) I stained the fence which took a lot more time than I anticipated but it was well worth it. I painted the new crawl space doors that Chris put together.

The New Fence
Before(Upper Left) and After (Bottom Left)

Basically, Chris makes things and I paint and/or decorate them. We make a pretty good team. On to the rest of the list….#thismontyhouse#renovationsneverend