Phase 2: Tropical Oasis (Courtyard Revamp)

This Monty House: Weekend Warrior Edition

We are trying to do something on the house every weekend. I don’t want us to lose momentum on our fixer upper project. 😀

We focused on outdoor projects today. I may have been a bit too ambitious. I have discovered a love for spray paint and paint in general. I’m all about results. Sanding and things that take too long are not my strong suit. 😜Good thing Chris is more patient than I am!


 Refinish outdoor picnic table

Spray fence
Work on the porch railing
Refinish chairs
Cut grass
Spray paint succulent pots


I forgot to put on gloves before staining the table which meant a lot of scrubbing but I’ll remember next time. We didn’t get to the chairs or finish the porch railing. We got everything else done.

Chris is more visionary than I am with these projects. He wants to tear everything out and gut it. I’m more into small projects and quick turnaround.

I will say that although I give him a hard time he is a hard worker and humors me most of the time. On to the next project…


Also, stringing bulb lights is harder than one would think. Be sure to check the maximum number of lights that can be strung together before blowing a fuse. It took a minute to figure out how to get the lights to end up in the right position.

Al fresco dining, here we come (once we get some mosquito repellent #reallife).