Pre-Move Demo and Fixes

January 2017

When people ask me how living in the new place is going….it’s not.

I used to mock the HGTV people who were hesitant about extensive renovations. I get it now. It’s no joke. Thankfully, we can stay in our old place until we gets this place back in order. Chris used to be a project manager at a construction company so he knows what he’s doing. If it weren’t for that, I might have quit before I started on this renovation.

We bought the house from a set of siblings who inherited from their ailing father. There was a good bit of work to do on the house but it had good bones and the price was right.

The beam is in. The wall is out. Open concept here we come. Shout out to Phil Church for the beam installation. It’s helpful to have a church full of builders. We weren’t sure about taking the wall out but it was such a game changer.


We (Chris and the guys) are pretty much finished with demo and now they are putting it all back together. Chris took the chimney that was enclosed in a wall apart piece by piece over three days. The plan is to move the laundry out of the kitchen and rewiring the plumbing to the office (i.e. the new laundry room). Also, the chimney removal will allow me to have a walk in closet instead of the tiny current closet. Where my husband’s clothes will clothes will go will have to wait until another day. Priorities!

Once we get past the demo, the fun comes and then it’s time to channel my inner #joannagaines.

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