Rainy Weekend = Indoor Reno

The weather was nasty and the humidity was through the roof so today was not a day for outside projects.

Jeff came over early and finished the electrical outlets and air vent in the bathroom. Exhaust fans aren’t that exciting but the mold on the walls in the bathroom (prior to the reno) highlighted the importance of having one. After a few Home Depot runs, we were good to go. No more plug in lights! Chris attached the fixture and, as always, I dutifully documented everything.


We went to 3 or 4 home decor stores downtown. Vintage Modern which replaced Postcards from Paris actually had some reasonable prices. Most of the stores down there are more consultation/interior designer deals. Anyway, we got a few inexpensive things and then tried/failed to beat the storm home. In defeat, we went to Rita’s.


We did check out a few garden places. Last week’s plants are struggling. Well, 3 are doing great and 2 are suffering from unknown ailments so my next plants need to be low maintenance.


You win some, you lose some, and some just die. #thismontyhouse