Shower Redo & Spool Staining

November 22, 2017

The Shower-The Remix

I thought we were done with the main parts of the bathroom. It was a complete gut job. We thought about saving the cast iron tub and having it refinished but it had the scum of a thousand showers in it. Apparently, it was very heavy but Chris and a friend carried it out to dispose of it. No exhaust fan = no bueno. In the end, we stripped it down to the studs and rewired everything.

Apparently, Chris was unsatisfied with the edge of the window frame and the niche. It took another couple of trips to The Tile Shop but we found some marble pencil trim that matched the niche.

He had to rip out the tile around those areas and do it over again but the finished product is nice. It took about a week working around his random schedule.

Takeaway of the Day: Don’t settle because you will end up doing it over again.

November 29, 2017

The Giant Spool

Chris found a guy on FB marketplace with a yard full of giant wooden spools for sale. We got one for about $30 bucks.

I stained it. The wood devoured the rest of the stain that I had leftover from another project. Chris coated it in polyurethane.

I threw a couple of gourds and a pumpkin on it for the fall. I changed it to a Christmas look today.

An old flower bouquet vase, some twisty sticks, ornaments not in use this year, a few bricks from the chimney take down, and tree trimming twigs = a festive centerpiece.