What’s Behind Door #1?

Front Door

Our weekend project was to (finally) paint the new front door. The color expert at Sherwin Williams was very helpful. Chris actually picked Blythe Blue.

Things we learned…

Always look at paint swatch in sunlight
Don’t start painting exterior doors in the evening (you might end up staying up too late waiting for it to dry between coats and attaching the new handles
Use fast drying paint
Be aware of drips from the grooves as it dries


We love how it turned out though! The design lady says that your front door should be reflection of your personality. Mission accomplished.

Interior Doors

We had this grand plan to strip/sand/paint all of the peeling doors in the house. Chris took them all off their hinges, bought a huge can of paint stripper, and started working on it one night.

I dutifully documented this DIY project and went to sleep.


Convos with Chris (next day)

Me: How late did you stay up?

Chris: After 2 AM

Me: How many doors did you get done?

Chris: Well, I only got 1 done. (Proceeds to explain frustrating process and uneven result)

Chris: So, I was looking at interior doors on Lowe’s website…they come already primed!

Me: How much are they?

Chris: Only $38!

Me: What are we waiting for?

Both: 😀😀😀😂😂😂

Moral of the story: Some things are not worth the effort. We are saving the cool glass knobs though. On to the next project!