Weekend Travels: Washington, D.C.

We go to DC at least once a year. Lately, it has been more like or three times a year due to weddings. I lived there for almost four years and Chris and I dated that entire time so we have many memories there. Plus, we got engaged at the bottom of the Lincoln Memorial so there’s that. 

We finished the Great Northeastern Trek which included Boston, Nashua, Newport, New Haven, Providence, and New York City in the district back in July. Our last trip was one of those weekend (in and out deals). A good friend/church member was getting married and we were determined to make it to share in their big day. 

We left Friday morning and drove straight through to visit a best friend in Maryland. After catching up on life and a few tears, we headed to our hotel in Crystal City (Virginia side of DC).

National Harbor 

Chris and I are sleep-when-you’re-dead type travelers which meant a detour to National Harbor (Maryland) on the way to Crystal City. I’ve always liked that area. They have added a lot to the already good shopping and eateries in the area above the Ferris Wheel. 

After a walk by the Peeps store (yes, there is a whole store for marshmallow candy), we decided to check out an Italian spot called Fiorella. It was decent. It didn’t change our lives but the open faced lasagna was an interesting take on a traditional favorite.

The Gaylord National is a ginormous hotel with a cool atrium. Apparently, they also had a international gingerbread display for the holidays. After our annual gingerbread contest in Hawaii, I have a greater appreciation for the construction of edible structures.

Saturday was the wedding followed by a private reception at Bristow Hall in Virginia. A rainy day didn’t ruin a beautiful ceremony and good times with old friends!

National Mall

That night, we set off for the National Mall to see the White House and the National Christmas Tree/state trees. All the flags were at half mast for the passing of former President George H. W. Bush. It was a foggy night. At times, visibility was low (like you couldn’t see half of the Washington Monument). 

Enjoy the photos of the White House, Blair House, Eisenhower Office Building and more! 

We had breakfast at Ted’s Bulletin before heading back to South Carolina on Sunday. That experience will be included in another post. Three words-homemade pop tarts. 

P.S. I love DC! It is a beautiful city. This trip was too quick but we will be back before you know it. 

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