Rick Erwin’s EastEnd

(2017 Valentine’s Day Post)

February is an insanely busy month for us so Chris ended up making reservations at Rick Erwins for 9:00 PM. It seemed like a good idea at the time but within a few minutes of being seated we both hit a wall (figuratively of course).

We have since given up on having to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day and now go out when it works best for our schedule. Problem solved.

Chris ordered the Filet Mignon. They were out of the 11 oz. so they gave him a 7 oz. and a 4 oz. which was funny because we were deliriously tired at that point and past the point of caring. The filet was tender and juicy but a little more rare than medium which he ordered. Chris would have preferred more charred flavor. All things considered, it was a step below Hall’s Chophouse but decent. He also had cheesy potatoes. The portion size was huge!

I had the Fried Chicken which was underwhelming. It was perfectly breaded but needed more seasoning. The mashed potatoes and gravy were tasty though. The collared greens were of the Glory Green variety (i.e. pretty spicy) but I liked them.


Fine dining experience
Nice ambiance and playlist
Good steak



Chris’s Conclusion: It was good for a one time experience but there are other restaurants that I’d like to go to like Culvers.

Courtney’s Take: Everything was solid but nothing was memorable. Nice dining experience though!

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