Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Flying Biscuit Cafe

The Story

This relatively new eatery is near the iconic Army Navy Store and Rick Erwin’s West End. It is a popular spot on Saturday mornings but the wait wasn’t too long. Due to social distancing, the wait may vary. They had a pretty expansive menu. So many choices…

The Service

The relatively young staff worked hard. There were a lot of carry out orders which may have contributed to the overall ordering issues. The people next to us didn’t receive one of their items so I knew we were going to have problems. We did. Thankfully, I take pictures of the menu for the blog so I could tell the server what I was missing. It took while to receive our food and sure enough two sides were missing. Everything was good. The prices were decent for a breakfast spot. The sweet tea (yes, I drink it for breakfast) was on point.

If you are looking for unique fare, I recommend Biscuithead or Maple Street Biscuit Company. They will be pricier but offer more than standard options.

The Main Event

I had the Heavenly French Toast combo. The raspberry drizzle on the whole wheat toast was a nice touch. All of the sides were good. I recommend the cheesy grits. The main issue was receiving all the items that came with our respective meals. We both liked our sides and had food left over.

Pros and Cons

The location is central to downtown Greenville. The prices and portions are good. It’s a solid brunch option. I prefer more unique combinations but everything tasted fine. The cons are the wait and the order omissions. They haven’t been open long so that could improve with time.

YTC Takeaways

We’ll add this to our list for inexpensive spots to take groups that want to tour downtown. As long as we can find parking, we’d try it again.

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