Review: Twin Creeks Lavender U-Pick

Sometimes Facebook suggestions can lead to opportunities one might have missed otherwise. A local lavender grower offered free entry to their U-Pick fields for essential workers. Last year, we went to Southern Hills Lavender Farm in the Greer area that was small but nicely done.

First Impression

U – Pick Pics

Thankfully, it was overcast day so it wasn’t unbearable. The field was in Williamston, South Carolina, which is a bit of a drive from Greenville. There is (almost) nothing else in the town. There were Porta Potties. You’ve been warned.

The fields were much more extensive than the one we visited in Spartanburg but everything was overgrown. I’m glad I wore closed toed shoes or the weeds would have been a bit much. Bees must have posted about the farm on a Facebook group because there were hundreds but they didn’t seem interested in people. There was a steady stream of visitors. It was free to take pictures which was nice. There were also a lot of butterflies which provided good photo ops.

Final Thoughts

The fields are good for photos and there was a ton of lavender to cut. It’s a little far for my taste. If they would mow between the rows, it would be a better experience. The volunteers were friendly and we might go back next year to pick but Southern Hills is closer though and has a store with great gift items.

Update: Southern Hills is now closed to the public. You can read the statement below.

As you may have read, due to an external source of plant disease, SHL had to drastically change business direction. Read all about that here. We are no longer open to the public but are focusing on lavender plant propagation. We are no longer holding Upicks, events or classes, allowing photographers or visitors in the field or producing products. We are starting and growing lavender plants for sale. We will periodically have plants sales or plants available. Please watch our website, social media and newsletter for that information.

Southern Hills Lavender Website

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