Southern Grit (Knoxville,TN)

The Story

We were traveling through Knoxville, Tennessee, on the way to Indiana when we decided to stay in the city for the night. The restaurant had a dark, stripped down aesthetic and was conveniently located on a corner spot lined with huge windows. There was a short wait but it wasn’t too bad. 

The Setting 

I liked the overall feel and the ambience with the contrast of the dark walls and the warm lighting. Chris ordered Chicken and Waffles and I ordered the Smothered Pork Chop. I’ve always had a thing for a good pork chop. The fried chicken was a strong contender for my top five. I almost wish I’d ordered Chris’s entree. My dish, which was smothered in a cream sauce mimicked a favorite dish of my mom’s that consisted of covering meat with a Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup and green bell pepper mixture. It had the potential to be great but was entirely too salty. I tried to ignore it but the saltiness was overwhelming. I think I could order the same dish again and probably have a better experience but the overall sodium level took away from what was otherwise a good meal. The Cheese Grits and Fried Okra were solid sides.

The YTC Takeaway

Of course, downtown Knoxville is very walkable, punctuated by strings of lights and murals. They have a decent amount of decorating for the holidays so we were able to eat and then walk around and see the sights. I would give this place another chance but I just wouldn’t order the pork chop.

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