Monkey Wrench Smokehouse (Travelers Rest, SC)

It was a rainy Friday night and per usual we were taking turns shooting down each other’s restaurant choices. Lately, we have been going to spots in Greer and Travelers Rest to avoid trying to find parking in downtown Greenville.

We received some random coupons in the mail so that helped guide our decision making. Since he lived in Kansas City, Chris is a barbecue aficionado (or at least he thinks he is). One summer, we literally drove all over Texas in search of good barbecue. Check out Lockhart’s in Dallas. Trust me.

Back to TR, their main street is becoming quite the foodie paradise. So far, we’ve been to Sushi Yama, Farmhouse Taco’s, Tandem , etc.

The aesthetic at Monkey Wrench is the typical rustic farmhouse-concrete floor-bulb light-picnic table setup. It was packed on a Friday night! We were given a 45 minute wait time. It ended up being like 39 minutes (Yes, I timed it…) but they offered us savory seasoned popcorn which took the edge off of our hunger pains.

The sweet tea was like drinking liquid sugar. I have a serious sweet tooth but it was sweet even for me. A little watering down would have resulted in the perfect glass. Chris had the brisket platter and I had the pulled pulled pork plate.

Brisket Platter included Sliced Brisket, Jalapeno Hush Puppies, Baked Beans, Homemade Pickle and Cornbread Muffin.

Brisket Platter

Pulled Pork Meal included French Fries, Mac & Cheese, Homemade Pickle and Cornbread Muffin.

Pulled Pork Platter


Cool hipster barbecue spot

Popcorn while you wait

Food arrived fast once you were seated

Handcut fries were excellent (Think Good Stuff Eatery in DC!)

Uniquely flavored baked beans

Mac & cheese was legit (None of that Kraft smooth cheese. Real cheese like that Sargento sharp cheese my mom uses for her mac & cheese.)

Mild homemade pickles were a nice garnish

To go portion of banana pudding was large and tasty (Not too many banana’s)

Live music on the weekends


Hush puppies were a little dry

Wait time

No giant flat screens (You actually have to talk to each other.) *Though this could be a plus for some….

Sauces (Flavor was good but I prefer a thicker consistency.)

Final Thoughts

They have a nice outdoor area that we might want to try in the summer on a nice day. The sides were excellent. We might go back just for the beans, mac and cheese and banana pudding!

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