Review: Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant (Sevierville, TN)

Hearty Southern comfort food in a casual environment with signature apple fritters.

We decided to take a fall weekend trip to Tennessee. As everyone can attest, this year has been one of the worst in recent memory which prompted the need to escape to the mountains for a couple of days. We aren’t major nature people (no REI catalogues are in our future). We do like to be nature adjacent however. Think pop out of the car and take a few pics from the roadside. We did see two black bears near our AirBnB in Gatlinburg which was exciting and tiny bit scary. Note to self, follow the instructions about trash disposal. They are no joke.

The Service

The restaurant and surrounding complex which includes an ice cream shop, bake shop, country store, orchard, etc. is extensive. It is a well run operation. Guests wait outside in rocking chairs on the porch until they are called over the loudspeaker by the hostess. Our wait was shorter than expected.

Table servers wear Little House on the Prairie meets Mama’s Family style dresses. They all seemed quick and attentive to all the tables they were waiting on in the dining room.

The highlight of the meal was the hot, powdered sugar dusted apple fritters and apple butter dipping sauce at the beginning. I ordered an apple julep so I had apple overload in the best way possible.

The Main Event

Chris had a Pappy’s Farmyard Omelet and a Biscuit. I had a Cinnamon Roll French Toast with Scrambled Eggs, Homestyle Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs. We split a Loaded Home Fries (home fries topped with tomatoes, cheese, green peppers and onions). The portions were large and we definitely had food left over. Everything was solid. I feel like breakfast is the easiest meal to get right so I expect it to be decent. The apple fritters appetizer were the highlight of the meal.

YTC Takeaway

This is a great spot for a hearty Southern style breakfast. We checked out the auxiliary stores but didn’t buy anything this go round. We’d definitely go back in the future!

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