The Dive on Augusta Street

This eatery is located next to Two Rooms, a home decor shop I occasionally like to peruse on the weekends. We were starving so we decided to take a chance since it was close.

It lives up to its characterization as a dive. The interior is fairly small though there are a few full-size wooden picnic tables outside on the porch. There is also a wood burning smoker outside which was a good sign.

It appeared to be a two-man show. We opted to eat outside since the weather was nice. The porch is festooned with multicolored bulb lights strung across the ceiling which looks cool at night.

We were offered Cajun boiled peanuts which we happily devoured. Beware the squirting juice! It got me a few times.

Chris went with the ribs. I settled on a classic cheeseburger and fries and brussel sprouts. The sweet tea was okay. It was nothing to write home about per se. The rest of the meal was much more promising.

The ground beef in the patties had a little something extra. It was a great addition. The brussel sprouts and bacon was a good choice. I’ll still stick by my #1 burger option at Grill Marks but this was a solid, classic style burger like your Mom makes on the Fourth of July. I still wanted to eat some fries so I borrowed a few off of Chris’s plate. Also, a good idea!

Chris had ribs, hand cut fries and baked beans. The ribs were solid-good flavor and falling off the bones. The fries were generously doused with seasoning salt like the ones at Zaxby’s. Very good! The baked beans were excellent as well. They weren’t quite as syrupy sweet as Bush’s baked beans but were different in a good way.

The prices were reasonable. The service was good. We will keep this on the list whenever we are in the area. Our spontaneity was rewarded for once.

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