Warehouse at Vaughns (Simpsonville, SC)

Mall food courts are dying out but the food hall concept is on the rise. There are several new developments in the works in the Upstate. Gather GVL in downtown Greenville is already a popular spot. Both Easley and Greer have food halls, The Silos and Cartwright Food Hall, coming soon.

We checked out a food hall in Oklahoma this summer. It’s great for a group because there a ton of options and there’s no hassle with dividing checks and figuring out tips. Also, multiple options and different types of cuisine eliminates the need to have an hours long discussion about where to eat. The only potential issue is finding enough seating together but the size of most halls means seating is continually opening up.

The Story

As usual, we were aimlessly driving through the countryside on a Saturday. We passed by the building and I recalled seeing something about it on social media. We called an audible and went back. After a walk around the inner perimeter to peruse the offerings, Chris went with Bourbon Street Burgers. I went with Trade Street Market. The sandwich board sign options sounded interesting.

Chris had a standard burger and fries which were excellent! Both the burger and fries were expertly seasoned. I’d definitely order them again. Of course, Chris wasn’t too keen on sharing but that’s the whole point of marriage.

I had an Italian Panini, Kettle Chips and a Cream Soda. The panini has ham, turkey, salami, provolone and marinara on it. The dessert case looked fun so I also got mini doughnuts. We eventually ended up getting gelato too. We tried all the things!

YTC Takeaways

Trying out new things is usually fun. There was a certain novelty to having multiple options and not trying to settle for one type of food. The variety was good. I really liked Chris’s burger and fries. My pannini was okay. It needed some pep-maybe some onions or a sauce. The price was a little steep. It was around $16 for the sandwich, chips and drink. I could get an Italian Mike’s Way at Jersey Mike’s for almost half that. The mini doughnuts and gelato were good but I wouldn’t go there just for that. The setting is on trend and IG-approved. There is also a retro arcade next door and outside seating. We had a good experience but this probably won’t be one of our go-to spots.

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