Legends on the Lake

As is our custom, we jumped in the car and headed to the mountains for a weekend ride. Chris is always scanning the web for the best places to go. I had no idea where we were headed. We ended up at a resort in North Carolina near Lake Lure. I wasn’t sure what to expect but apparently he wanted us to eat at Legends on the lake. It had a clubhouse atmosphere and was situated between a golf course on one side and a lake on the other side.

As with most things these days there was barely any staff but the waitress was very gracious and accommodating. We opted to sit outside on the deck which had several tables so we could look out and see the strip of beach next to the lake. Between the lake, the low mountains nearby and the perfect weather it was a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Typically, Chris and I order different food so we can taste as many items as possible. This time around both of us wanted the burger and fries. We made an excellent choice! There were a few other things on the menu that sounded interesting but it was just a burger and fries kind of day. I went with onion rings instead of fries.

We both loved our meals (I don’t know that I usually say that about a burger and fries) but the burger patty was seasoned well. The seasoning in the breading on the onion rings was good and it didn’t pull apart when you bit into it. The sweet tea was also perfection. Y’all know how I am about my sweet tea! Between the beautiful setting and the great weather, we really enjoyed our time at this spot.

We’ve thought about going back and just to eat that burger again. That’s how good it was. Now I still say Grill Marks makes the best burgers I’ve ever had but Chris said he liked Legends better. It’s cool that you can eat at the clubhouse and not be a member. After we ate our meals, we walked down the steps and over to the beach area. They have a wedding venue and rentals as well.

It felt like a nice getaway/escape from everyday life. It was like getting away without actually getting away. I would highly recommend checking out Legends if you’re ever in the area. Also, the walls are decorated with pictures of sports legends hence the name of the establishment.

We will be back!

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