Burgers and Bakery (Spartanburg, SC)

Chris was chomping at the bit to try out Burgers & Bakery. He heard about it from a co-worker and thought it sounded like our kind of place. One Saturday, we started off towards Spartanburg. The restaurant is located very close to the Spartanburg city limits. 

If you aren’t looking for the turn, you’ll miss it. The parking lot is a gravel and dirt covered affair. The exterior is an unassuming red brick. It may have once been a house.  Once inside, we joined the line of people headed toward the counter. There are a lot of decisions to make once you enter. The menu is located on a small flat screen TV and written in chalk on the wall. After contemplating the deep mysteries of life, I decided to go with the Hawaiian burger (Patty, Swiss Cheese, Grilled Pineapple, Thai Chili Sauce) and Chris went with the one that had the most bacon and a fried egg. Drinks were self-serve at the fountain. 

There was ample seating inside the red, white and black themed eatery but we decided to sit outside on the patio in the back since it was a nice day. The weather was gorgeous! The concrete patio overlooks a tree-filled ravine. 

There didn’t seem to be many waiters but our food came pretty quickly. We were impressed with the portion and amount of food. The hamburger buns are made fresh each day. Impressive! They reminded me of a King’s Hawaiian Roll in texture and sweetness. We both loved our burgers and the fries paired with a dipping sauce were excellent.

I sampled the Sweet Potato Fries and Chris had the Garlic Cheese Fries (hand cut fries, covered in a housemade cheese sauce and dusted with garlic powder). Mmmmm!

The burger is definitely in my top five. We would go all the way to Spartanburg again just to get another one.

As the name of the restaurant suggests it is also known for its baked goods. I tried the cheesecake ( I think it was an amaretto and almond cheesecake) and Chris had the carrot cake. Both were excellent. I may be using the word excellent too much but everything was so good!

 Chris’s co-worker is now on our go-to list of food recommenders. We will definitely add this spot to our list of recommendations. Saturday, gorgeous weather and good burgers—what more could we ask for? 

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