Coastal Crust

This eatery is located in the Village of West Greenville in Greenville, SC. It is near a local favorite, The Village Grind. We went on a Friday so it was hopping but the wait wasn’t long. There are two other locations in the Lowcountry. The centerpiece of this hipster establishment is the wood-fired pizza oven.

Our server, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Zendaya, was attentive. The staff all seemed to be working together to serve guests and clear the tables. I guess it stood out to me because the post-pandemic food service industry has been on the struggle bus.

I apparently was fortunate enough to get the last glass of sweet tea. Praise Him! The tea was excellent. We ordered the bruschetta for our appetizer. Since we were hungry, we also opted for the brussel sprouts which was a good move. We licked that mini-cast iron skillet clean (not literally).

I ordered the special which was ravioli in white sauce. We had to order a pizza since that is their signature item. There was more than enough to share. The brick oven crust was on point.

YTC Takeaway

It was a very satisfying meal overall. Everything was great. It was quite loud in the space so I wouldn’t go here for an intimate conversation but we will definitely return for the food. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Yum!

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