Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Fork and Plough

This is another of those relatively new, farm to table spots that keep popping up around Greenville. They describe themselves as an “all-in-one restaurant, grocery store, and butcher shop.”

I heard good reviews from colleagues who hosted a lunch there so Chris and I decided to check it out one Saturday while we were out running errands.

The building has a Chip and Joanna Gaines vibe with a white shiplap looking exterior, string bulb lights, exposed painted beams and a lots of natural wood. Their branding combines a crisp white with a sharp navy instead of the black favored by Magnolia entities.

(Photo from Instagram)

The Service

The dining room was surprisingly spacious. It had a Instagram friendly vibe with a good deal of natural light, trendy light fixtures and glossy wood floors. The water came in a carafe bottle which was a nice touch. The sweet tea was on point which is key. Ordering is done from a menu handed to you after you are seated. The fare is locally sourced. We went for lunch which was more reasonably priced than dinner which includes $38 Rack of Lamb and a $39 Beef Tenderloin. They have a noted chef that trained at SNOB in Charleston so the starters include Roasted Bone Marrow Canoe and Lobster Bisque with Caviar.

We don’t mind spending money on food but if I’m paying over $30 for an item then I’m expecting a certain level of ambiance or a view to go with it. Think Jianna, Level 10 by Rick Erwin or Hotel Domestique. Basically, I need a cloth napkin to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

The Main Event

I had a Cheeseburger and Fries. Everything tasted very fresh. The fries were excellent. I’m self-proclaimed fry aficionado. After our meal, I decided to have dessert to get a feel for their options. I selected a slice of Coconut Cake because I loved the Coconut Cake that Tirado’s used to have. Well, F & P’s cake was respectable but not as moist. When we got the bill, we were shocked that the slice was $10. I should have asked for a menu instead having the server tell me the options. I just feel like a slice of cake shouldn’t be that much unless it’s a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Chris was not a fan of the cost and reminded me of it for the next few weeks whenever I said I wanted something (insert eye roll emoji).

(Photo from Instagram)

YTC Takeaway

Fork and Plough has great food. They have elevated fare in a casual environment. I’d like to try some of the take home items from the market side. It’s a little on the pricey side but a solid eatery overall.

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