Outdoor Oasis: The Big Reveal

We had high hopes for the courtyard area from the beginning. It has gone through several rehab attempts. First, we cleared out the scraps left behind. That included sanding, staining, and painting the picnic table that was there. We also spray painted the fence and poles. The wavy rim was taken off of the top as well.

The Beginning – A courtyard filled with scraps from the previous owners



Cleared Out Version (First Rehab)

We painted the poles, refinished and stained the picnic table, hung bulb lights, bought some plants, and added a few Pottery Barn candle holders.

Sanding It Down

The Start of the Shiplap Wall – Chris had the vision for a feature wall. It took awhile to find the wood but we stumbled across a guy selling reclaimed wood at Taylors Mill.


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Christmas Time – We had to get it together in time for our housewarming soiree during the holidays.  Michaels had great faux greenery and flowers on sale. Amazon had an inexpensive sequined runner. It was still a little plain for my tastes but worked at the time. We even bought an outside heater for our guests but it was too cold for it.



Summer 2018 We have bought a ton of plants and slowly kept adding to the outdoor space. (Drumroll….) The Big Reveal! (We are never really done but it has come a long way! I’ll post more details about the DIY chandelier and plant wall.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    I would never imagine it could turn out so pretty! Beautiful transformation!!!


    1. Thanks! It slowly evolved over time. We just kept finding inspiration from things we saw and searching for shiplap.


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