Like most Friday nights, we get to the end of the week and want to go out to eat but struggle with where to go. Do we revert to the tried and true favorite? Do we go to a popular spot where we know the wait will be long? Do we dare venture out to Woodruff Road (Oh, the horror!) with all of its construction and traffic? Decisions, decisions!

After scrolling though Yelp for awhile, we decided to check out Select restaurant in Greer. We made reservations online and jumped in the car. We thought that Select wouldn’t be as crowded as spots like Dellaventura’s and we had tried the breakfast at Select a few weeks ago.

The menu sounded like it had some good entree options. The problem with some upscale spots is that the limited menu doesn’t have enough variety in the options to choose from which makes the decision a little dicey.

We were able to walk right in and get a table which was great since we were starving! Some are dawdlers. We do not play games when it comes to food. We did see several tables who ordered the giant pretzel appetizer but we are not $12 pretzel people.

Chris went with the Nouveaux Ribeye (certified Angus center-cut ribeye topped with walnut sherry compound butter served with hand crafted roasted garlic mashed potatoes) and I decided on the Candy Chop (French cut bone-in pork chop paired with spiced candied apples topped with a pomme frite served with fresh collard greens accompanied by hand crafted garlic mashed potatoes). Both dishes came with rolls which were tasty (a little chewy but good).

Everything was excellent! The collard greens were seasoned to perfection. Typically, upscale greens are a little spicy for my taste but these were some of the best restaurant greens that I have had the opportunity to sample. I’m usually the type to have leftovers but we were both members of the clean plate club. My mom would have been proud!

Both times we have dined at Select the chef has come out and visited all the patrons. Nice guy who genuinely wants to see if everyone is happy with their dishes!

We both agree the prices are a little steep for a “casually fine” establishment but it was really good so we will be back! Between places like Select and The Strip Club 104, Greer is turning into a good alternative to fighting the Greenville crowds.

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