Kitchen Sync

The Story

The husband and I are always forcing ourselves to go to new restaurants that we haven’t tried yet. Sometimes it turns out well but sometimes they are a dud. One Friday as we were racking our brains about where to try next, we landed on a restaurant that we had passed many times on Laurens Road called Kitchen Sync. The restaurant always appears to be empty from the road. Once we got there we realized the parking was in the back and it was actually very full. The wait wasn’t too long.  It was also bigger inside than it appeared from the outside.

The Main Event

The restaurant had a dark, cool vibe. While I appreciate all of the new farm-to-table type establishments, my main concern is great food. The service was good and the tea was just okay. Chris opted for the Shrimp Scampi. I went with the Pork Chop.

 The shrimp scampi was Instagram worthy but had a unique flavor. Chris was thinking more of an Olive Garden like garlic and butter dish but what he got was more of a lime/cilantro flavored entree. It tasted very fresh but wasn’t quite what he was expecting. It was paired with a loaf of sourdough bread. I enjoyed my rather sizable pork chop. The flavor was good and the apple topping grew on me as I ate it. We both agreed that the pork chop at Select in Greer was much better. The shredded vegetables on the side were tasty and the portion size was good. I did not like the sweet potato mash at all. In my mind, sweet potatoes should always be sweet, not savory. It was plated nicely.

Pros and Cons

The pros include….

Fast service

Fresh food

Outdoor cornhole area

The cons include…

Trendy flavors

YTC Takeaways

 Overall, it was a good experience but it didn’t stand out as a favorite.  The service was good but the food offerings may have been trying a little too hard to be cool. Then again, we may just have unsophisticated palates. On to the next food adventure…

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