Weekend Finds

My last favorite things post proved to be pretty popular so here’s another one. If it ain’t broke…

The best part of January is spending Christmas gift cards. As my dad says it’s like I have “money burning in my pockets” until I spend them. Even he admitted that there was a lot more in Ulta than he thought. Gift card in hand, I set off to check out what I should get myself.

I was pretty set on Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry palette after watching a Jackie Aina tutorial but one has to survey the options. After an obligatory stroll through the aisles, I got the palette. Solid choice! It is one of my favorite palettes yet! I have three others but this one is the best.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

Next, we decided to check out the Taylors Mill area and dropped by The Main Collective nearby. It was a random collection of cute odds and ends-some vintage objects mixed with new items.

There were definitely some Anthropologie like pieces. There was a vintage gold rimmed mirror that I liked but couldn’t decide where we would put it.

We settled on a mint green succulent for the kitchen shelf. Voila!

The Main Collective

I have been obsessed with the Flower Bar at Roots lately. What could be more fun than picking stem by stem and crafting a table arrangement? I’m sure Chris can think of a few things but he indulges me. My inner Dave Ramsey says I need to space my visits out but for now…


Last but not least, my parents got a Maltipoo and he is Instagram gold. So cute! We went with them to pick up Maximus Decimus Meridius (aka Max) a couple of weekends ago at the breeders. I must confess I’m not a dog person. My family were fish tank type of people but an empty nest is changing things apparently.

Listening to all the instructions, it sounds like having a child to care for so I think visiting Max (and my parents) is the way to go for now. Meet Max!

Max the Maltipoo

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