Eating Our Way Through Greenville: White Duck Taco

Taco shops are popping up all over Greenville. Over the holidays, my sisters were visiting from Arizona and brought us a few tacos from this spot. We immediately added it to our “must try” list. White Duck Taco Shop has two locations-one in Hampton Station and one near Haywood Mall. We decided to check out the Hampton Station location one sunny Saturday.

It has an industrial, warehouse vibe punctuated by the signature ducks and brightly colored lettering. They even have tee shirts and branded apparel available for purchase. It’s definitely more hipster than authentic Mexican. What stands out is the unique varieties and flavor combinations.

That house made white queso, though! It blows Moes and, even La Parilla, out of the water. It has depth other bland quesos lack. Also, their chips were a little sturdier than some of those paper thin, greasy chips. We will always add queso to future orders.

We tried the Crispy Chicken BLT, BBQ Carnitas, Fish, Shrimp and Korean. Of course, we split our orders and coordinated to make sure that neither of us got the same ones.

My favorite was the chicken BLT. The ingredients were very fresh and the breading on the chicken breading just right. The Korean was a little on the spicy side. You have been warned. I regret I didn’t try the Chipotle Cheese Grits.

Chris liked it okay but he is more of a steak and potato guy. I liked all the options. The tacos are pretty inexpensive so it’s a fun spot to go with family.

If you like to try new things and a laid back hipster vibe then this is your spot. The queso was the star for us. My sisters and I will definitely be back! They loved the lamb tacos. Maybe I’ll be more adventurous next time…

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