Two-Tone Cabinet Adventures

Subconsciously I was influenced by Instagram posts highlighting two-tone cabinets. (I guess that is the point, though.) One weekend, I suggested to my husband we try the two-tone kitchen cabinet trend. It was time for a change but I wasn’t trying to spend a lot of money or effort. Painting seemed to fit the bill.

Apparently, I forgot about our last attempt at painting. It’s not the painting. It’s the agonizing paint selection process. So painful!

We set off for the Sherwin Williams store where we considered scores of shades of blue and green. I was open to the more teal or jade color family. Chris was thinking more in the pale green range since our vintage countertops have flecks of green. I liked the brass or copper accents paired with the green or blue on IG.

We settled on five shades of green. We took the sample cards home and taped them to a cabinet so we could see how they looked at various times of day. We liked the Cascade Green (SW 0066) and Parisian Patina (SW 9041) the most.

There was a moment of doubt about whether our cabinets had oil based paint or latex paint on them already. After two more trips to different Sherwin Williams stores, one salesman suggested bringing a paint chip in for testing. It was latex paint which was a relief.

Chris decided to sand the cabinets anyway to be on the safe side. I asked the Facebook family about whether we should leave the sanded cabinets the way they were and embrace the shabby chic look. My mom informed me that shabby chic was not me. Welp! She was right, though. I’m more Property Brothers than Magnolia.

Chris painted the cabinets twice. We let the first coat set for a week because life got in the way. He then applied the second coat and touched up the thin spots. We decided to keep the World Market knobs because they tied the white and copper in with the cabinets quite well.

Behold the finished product! Let me know if you like it in the comments!

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  1. Judylynn says:

    It’s very pretty. I like it.


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